Sam Sherdel combines her experience with editorial photography to her lifestyle imagery by developing photographic storylines within her photographic series. When working with clients, she dissects the goals and needs of each shoot to showcase the brand’s unique features in a natural way.


California Casual

Maroxx, a California brand specializing in wedding gift items, sought to market themselves to their clientele with a casual and youthful vibe. We wanted to create a story of a new couple’s firsts, such as a romantic picnic or moving into a new home.


…meets practical

In addition to lifestyle images for online advertisements, Maroxx needed product studio photographs for their online stores. Our goal was to highlight the features of the products.



The Travel Style

These travel bags had a mission to reinvent luggage and provide style that was fit for the urban young professional. While working seamlessly with ShamBags, we portrayed the style-centric company’s products with movement and timeless class.

…of Young Professionals

We took ShamBags to the streets to show to versatility of the travel bag and it’s components.



Bottled Beauty

Dirty Towel was created by one of my former model clients. We sought to supply images that highlighted her product’s packaging and use.



Health and Fitness Vibes

The Jungle Body, a Australian fitness brand, asked to shoot some branding images during their trip to Los Angeles California.

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