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Always Being "one of the guys", I have found my photography's nucleus to be centered around menswear and spanning to studio and location advertisements, editorial, and commercial portraiture. I express myself photographically though graphic forms and capturing casual demeanors in both my lifestyle and conceptual work. I am inspired by the gritty, mysterious, and rebellious elements in human nature and though my work is primarily of exuberant energy, it hints of these elements. 

I currently shoot with various modeling agencies, musicians, and actors. I am based in Los Angeles California and am excited to travel for work as well. 


I am constantly experimenting and fostering the growth of my personal photographic eye. I see myself incorporating a more devious feeling to my future works. At 26 years old, I am working my way into the photographic industry and paving my path towards my goals: photographing international advertising campaigns. 


I first learned photography in my high school's darkroom; experimenting with home-made pinhole cameras, my Minolta 35 mm camera, and all the film processing and film photography printing fixings. I was unexpectedly offered my first freelance gig at 17 years old for a local area magazine. After working several years with this magazine, while earning my degree in commercial photography, I began an internship (which later turned into a consistent freelancing gig) for an larger local magazine (Orlando Magazine, Florida) and assisting several national to international product brands. I have since relocated to Los Angeles and have blossomed a pretty awesome, ever-growing career on the West!


I live in the city of Los Angeles, on a horse property. Yes, a horse Los Angeles (I'm 15 minutes from Hollywood...I still don't quite understand how this is possible). I parent 2 senior rescue horses who basically are living lawnmowers (so helpful!) They are both unridable due to arthritic issues however, my female great dane named Deko could be ridden to and from the kitchen if I really wanted to. I listen to all that annoying music your mom would have screamed at you to turn down when you were 17 (metal, punk rock, screamo). My drug of choice is chorline, as I also swim competitively with Golden Road Aquatics in Burbank. I'm totally into Sphynx cats and if you have either of those, please bring it to our photoshoot...please? 








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