Retouching: Red Eye Reduction Timelapse Video

Red Eye is just one of those elements that is just too damn distracting in a photo. Whether is be from allergies (like Trevor here) or some other common culprit (cough, cough), this issue can be addressed in the post-production process rather effectively. 

Reckless Juilets: Award Pileup! - Los Angeles Stills Photographer Sam Sherdel

Reckless Juliets, a web series which tells the story of a group of girls as they attempt to navigate through their youth, has racked up a variety of awards in it's first season. 

Catch the series via the RJ website at

Stills Photographer for Reckless Juliets: Sam Sherdel (click here for all stills fron RJ)

Below are the award promotion image. Photos by Sam Sherdel.

Beauty Retouch and Metal Music

Throwing on some final touches to make this beauty stand out from the crowd in her beauty headshots. It's all in the details! 

Retouching by Sam Sherdel • Photography by Sam Sherdel • Music by Strung Out (Scarlet)